The Virus



The worst day of my life everything started to change their was a virus on earth.  The diseases were spreading from country to country.   The only way to survive was to leave everything behind. our friends, our home, the people that we trust were affected by the virus. It started from just one person having the virus then soon started to spread all over the world because of cargo ships, mosquitoes, immigrants, and aliens from different countries.

 The virus kept spreading by the second.  Then, on the day November, 16 2014 my brother got the virus.  They said he wouldn’t have much time. So we made time to last their were four symptoms. The first symptoms are headaches the second one is chest pain, the third one is nausea and the last one is burns.

The only cure for this virus is moving to different countries.  The only country that doesn’t have the virus is Canada. That means that we have to leave our best friends our loved ones and our home. 

We say our blessings to each other we leave in total sorrow and doubt we hope to find a new beginning.