The Night of the Martian


One night, I was sleeping in my cozy bed after having a party with my friends. Suddenly, I heard a crash outside. I put on my robe and ran outside to see that in our front yard. I found a UFO that had crashed. I looked around to see if there was a martian but I couldn’t find one. However, every time I stepped I felt a little punch on my leg. After looking around, I looked down and I saw a small alien looking back at me. He was cute but also was an ugly green and a disgusting for a boy. We introduced ourselves and talked for a while about how it was on Earth. I also learned about the planet where the alien lived. Once I learned that the aliens broke their UFO, I got my tools and fixed the martian’s UFO and gave him the tools. The next morning, when my parents asked about the loud noises, I didn’t tell them at all.