Ice Age 2


Ice age 3

By Kumail Ali and Aryan Ghadia 4th grade students


The Ice Age is a wonderful age.We were going to see the mother t-rex whose name is Mama. We meet Buck on our way to the lava falls where they take care of the young dinosaurs.  Later Scrat learned kung-fu moves. Sid is is the funniest and surprisingly he is the most favorite character. Sid fell down the Chasm of Death and surprisingly he did not die because his friends saved him by by they pulled him up. They found him because Sid screamed like a little girl. Later all of the friends went back to the ice age except Buck.


Mama is a mother t-rex

Scrat is a prehistoric squirrel

Manny is a mammoth

Diego is a saber-tooth tiger

Sid is prehistoric sloth

Buck is a prehistoric weasel

The end