Congrats, Grads!

Woodsboro’s Honeybee University

The Woodsboro Honeybee University program gives 4th-6th grade GATE students to read 11 books and create a project and essay that displays the book in a creative way. Your first goal is the Bachelor’s Degree, in which you will read 3 book and create an essay and project for each book. The Bachelor’s Degree is due on November 21, 2016 if you want to receive the degree “with honors.” If you don’t turn the project and essay in by the due date, you will still get the Bachelor’s Degree but not with honors. The requirements for the Master’s Degree are slightly different. You need to read 4 books, write and essay, and create a project. These books have to be different genres: historical fiction, award-winning, biography, and one free-choice. The project and essay requirements are the same, but the deadline is February 27, 2016. The last degree is the Doctorate Degree. The conditions are the same for the essay and project but different books. You have to read three books by the same author (can’t be in same series). After you have completed the three books, projects, and essays, you have to do a fourth book/website about the author. Instead of the usual book, project and essay, you will have to create a visual aid that : compares the three books, describes the author and his/her backstory, and what you learned from each book. The deadline for the Doctorate Degree is on May 1, 2016.
This year’s annual Woodsboro Honeybee University program ceremony will be held in May in the MPR. Graduates will be dressed in fancy attire, ready to accept their diploma(s). The 4th graders will be first, followed by the 5th graders, and then the 6th graders. It is a very special day to a variety of parents and even more students. The hard work and dedication from all the students should be a big accomplishment. They have worked so hard on their projects and essays.  Congratulations to everyone who participated in this year’s Woodsboro Honeybee University Program!!