Morning desserts

Mornings are usually the same old routine to get ready for a day at school, but the PTA at Woodsboro Elementary found a way to make mornings fun again. Dads-n-Doughnuts and Moms-n-Muffins are two fun events held every school year for parents and their children to enjoy a fun (and tasty!) morning.

Dads-n-Doughnuts is for dads and their children to come to school early to enjoy doughnuts and orange juice. Many people came to the event, and fortunately there were enough doughnuts for everyone. In fact, they had enough for everyone to have two! The glazed doughnuts were supplied from Krispy Kreme and were very delicious. The orange juice was Sunny D, a drink loved by many adults and children, so it was a good choice to use it. Overall, this was a great event for children and their dads to socialize and meet new people.

Moms-n-muffins is for moms and their children to come to enjoy muffins and orange juice. A lot of moms came, so many that there was a huge line to get the muffins, extending all the way down towards the primary classrooms! The muffins were supplied  from Costco, and they came in two yummy flavors: Double Chocolate Chip and Blueberry. The orange juice was Sunny D . Both events were very fun and many people enjoyed them.