Outdoor Education

Every year, Woodsboro Elementary sixth graders take a five day long field trip to the San Bernardino Mountains. This trip is called Outdoor Education or Outdoor Ed. for short. During their trip, the sixth graders learn about the environment. This year, the drive to the mountains took about one to two hours.  The good news was that there was going to be at least three feet of fresh powdered snow by the end of the week unlike the previous years.

The first day of the trip, the campers got to know their cabin partners and leaders. They were also showed around the camp. After the cabin groups had the traditional moment of silence before their meal and ate their lunch, they were assigned trail groups for the hikes that they were going to go on every day of the week. Shortly after they where assigned groups , they where able to go on multiple hikes. The hikes took up most of the day so, by dinner time the kids where very hungry. That evening they had a delicious meal of spaghetti and meatballs. After dinner, the groups went on astronomy and night hikes . By 9:00 P.M. the sixth graders should have brushed their teeth, dressed in there nightwear, and in bed.

On Tuesday, the snow started to come down and would keep coming down until Friday. The campers should be showered and out of bed by 7:00. Breakfast was served, and after that, they got a fifteen minute rest time before there next hike. Even though it was snowing and very cold outside, the sixth graders still went on small hikes that where about biology, ecology, etc.

On Wednesday, they got to build a survival shelter. They learned that the angle of the shelter mattered in keeping the rain out and how to keep the shelter from collapsing from a video that was shown to them . This activity proved to be helpful when all the kids participated and did a good job on building their shelters. The rest of the day went by pretty fast.      

Thursday was game day. The cabin groups got to do fun games and activities. Some of the centers were tubing, snow play, and Gaga ball and s’mores. Thursday was skit night. Children got to perform skits that they had been practicing since Monday All of the skits were well performed with excellence. After the skits, it was the candle lighting ceremony, where all the instructors said famous and inspiring quotes. After the ceremony, the sixth graders sang a song to their teachers and instructors. On Friday, the sixth graders said their goodbyes to their new friends and instructors. They packed up, got to have a muffin and water and began their departure. The students arrived at school before the school day was over, but they still were able go home with their families and tell them about how their five day field trip was.