Imagination Machine

What’s a way to make writing fun? What about acting your writing piece out? Well that’s what imagination machine is all about. Imagination Machine is a writing program that brings children’s writing to life. The imagination machine was founded in 1981 in the city of Orange, California by Debroh Wren. As an elementary teacher and working actress, she saw a way to use her own creative abilities to encourage students to explore their imagination through creative writing creating the imagination machine.

This inspirational program sure encourages children to write and let their imagination run wild.  Children of all ages can enter in an exciting creative writing contest. Students can write their story individually or in a group with their classmates. Kids get about two to three weeks to put their creativity and imagination on paper. However, the team will only take narrative writing, and will not take any poems or scripts. The imagination machine crew will look through every single writing, and consider each and every story. Even though every writing piece is sure to be amazing, the crew can just chose a few. Only few of the many will win a special treat. They get to see the I.M. (Imagination Machine) group perform their story in front of their school! The team is simply hilarious and make you roll out of your seat laughing. I.M will go to many schools bringing music, exciting costumes and props and their bright smiles. The team might change your script up a little, but it is guaranteed  will still be amazing and entertaining. After I.M team is finished performing all of the stories, they will then invite all of the selected authors to come up on stage to receive a certificate for their inventive story.


The I.M crew not only performs children’s stories, but they also have two other writing programs called Write Away! and Who What Where?. Write Away focuses on moving beyond the basics of writing and turning a first draft into a masterpiece! With the audience, I.M creates a brand new story different to your school. What it basically is, is that they recreate an author’s story with the help of the school crowd. Along the way, they demonstrate the basic and important parts of a story. Who What Where? is where the team comes to your classroom and plays simple  games that focus on unique characters, memorable settings, and imaginative plots. Students even get to go on stage and act with them! Together, they create a awesome, fun story that educates you to explore the beauty and creativity of the world of literature and writing.


Imagination Machine is a great program that entertains you and teaches you at the same time.  This program is great and motivates students to write! Kids will soon be begging to write stories because of this awesome assembly!