Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Woodsboro Elementary always has a school play. This years school play is titled Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is about how Willy Wonka, the most amazing chocolate maker in the world, has sent out 5 golden tickets that are hidden in Wonka bars (Chocolate bars).  Five young children, Augustus Gloop, Violet Beauregarde, Veruca Salt, Mike TeeVee, and Charlie Bucket find these  golden ticket. All these children at some time get whispered in their ear by Arthur G. Slugworth. He tells them if they bring him an everlasting gobstopper, a candy Wonka has made, they would earn $10,000. These children come to Willy Wonka’s factory and they get a tour of the factory. One by one each child “dies” or does something bad and he/she has to leave the factory. Charlie gets left and decides that he should give the gobstopper back to Wonka and he wins the factory.

There are many songs in this play, such as “Candyman”, “I’ve got a golden ticket”, “Pure Imagination”, “I want it now”, and all the “Oompa Loompa” songs. Solos are sung by the Candyman, in “Candyman”, Charlie and Grandpa Joe in “I’ve got a golden ticket”, Willy Wonka in “Pure Imagination”, and Veruca Salt in “I want it now!”

There are two casts for this play, gold cast and purple cast. The two main roles played in this play are Charlie Bucket and Willy Wonka. For the Purple cast, there is 6th grader Jarom Brown as Charlie and 6th grader Bailey Speakman as Willy Wonka. For the Gold cast they have 5th grader Aiden Palicke as Charlie and 6th grader Alyssa Vogt for Willy Wonka. There are also Oompa Loompas which are little people from Loompaland. Willy Wonka took these little guys in since they would’ve died in Loompaland. There are also bigger roles in this play, such as Augustus Gloop, Violet Beauregarde, Veruca Salt, Mike TeeVee, and the Candyman. For the purple cast, we have 6th grader Noah Hawkins playing Augustus, 5th grader Sarah Culmer playing Violet, 5th grader Katie Floback playing Veruca, 5th grader Brandon Wyland playing Mike TeeVee, and 6th grader Adam Garay playing the Candyman. For the Gold cast, there is 5th grader Owen Schumerth playing Augustus, 6th grader Abigail Livergood playing Violet, 6th grader Hannah Reynolds playing Veruca, 6th grader Kyle Huntsman playing Mike TeeVee, and 6th grader Syra Patel playing the Candyman.

Our school play will be held on March 10-13 in the Curtis Theater, in Brea. The school play rehearses at different times. Usually, kindergarten through 3rd grade practices on Tuesdays. 4th grade through 6th grade practices on Wednesday. These cast members do really well during the rehearsals and the performance is sure to be amazing!  Woodsboro is glad that Stagelight productions are happy to always direct these plays. The play is supported by our Woodsboro PTA, led by Shari Palicke. The PTA and the parent volunteers help us with many things, like ticket sales, set up, supervision, and costumes.