Battle of the Books

Every year Yorba Linda Public Library (YLPL) puts together an intriguing competition where children of most ages get to read books and compete. This helps children develop new thinking skills, and also gives them a fondness for books. YLPL also divides the competition into different age categories so no team has a big age advantage. If you are in fourth through sixth grade you get to read twenty books, if you are in sixth through eighth grade you read ten books, and high schoolers read five books.


Believe it or not, Each team allows three to five players and each team also requires a team captain. Before you enter competition,  your team captain must sign the team in if everyone is there. In the first round there is three teams in a room, but as you advance there are only two teams. In each competition there are two judges one that says the question and tell you if it’s right, and one that is a time keeper. The team that is on the left always gets the odd numbered question while the team on the right gets the even numbers, but if you are in the finals the questions are drawn from a bucket. Each team gets asked ten questions, and the judges only accept the answers that come from the team captain. To get full points, you need to say the full title and author. If you miss one word in the title you get marked wrong and if you miss even an initial in the author’s name you get marked off. The title is worth five points and the author is worth two points. Once the question is answered you may not use the remaining time to answer again. Also, if you get the answer wrong the question is now out of play and the other team might not answer it. You get twenty seconds to answer the title, and an additional ten seconds for the author.


After each team gets asked ten questions you get two minutes to challenge a question. A challenge is when you answer a question and get it wrong but you think the answer you said was right. Once you come up with a challenge you get an additional three minutes to prove it in the book. After all the challenges had been listed and either accepted or denied then, the judges add up your points and the team with the most points move on. If you moved on then the team captain is sent to a room to receive the room where the next competition will take place. While the team captain it in the room they get to entertain themselves by playing games with electronics or cards. If they wish they can even review the word list to revise the titles and authors. They also offer prizes to the first and second place. If you get second place you get a twenty dollar gift card to amazon, and first place gets a fifty dollar gift card. As lucky as we are Woodsboro managed to get second place this year, however Golden Elementary took first.