Kraemer Shadow Day

Kraemer Shadow Day just recently occurred.  Most of the GATE sixth graders went on a day’s trip to Kraemer middle school.  Each of the sixth graders (the shadows) paired up with one of the seventh grade students (the hosts) from Kraemer Middle School.  The seventh graders showed their “shadows” around the school and brought them to their classes.  


The hosts introduced the shadows to their teachers around the school.  The teachers that the shadows met were Mrs. Stills, the social studies teacher, Mr. Evola, the science teacher, Senorita Filipescu, the spanish teacher, Mr. Graugh, Mrs. Jones, and Mr. Morris, the three PE teachers, Mrs. Zamora, the language arts teacher, and Mrs. Sabia and Mrs. Chew, the algebra 1 teachers.  


The break at Kraemer was only fifteen minutes opposed to the twenty minute recess at Woodsboro.  You are still allowed to play basketball on the blacktop, or play tag or football on the field.  Although you are allowed to play on the playground, most of the kids stay by the lunch tables and eat their snacks.  You can buy food at recess at the snack bar.  They had food and drinks like: soda, cookies, and brownies.  That’s at recess, imagine what they have to eat at lunch.  The next thing that’s great about break is that you can have study hall, read, or play video games in the library.  


The next great thing about Kraemer is their library.  In the library they have a massive amount of books.  They have your textbooks, along with many popular books that kids love to read.  They also have computers.  One side of the computers is for games and videos, while the other side of the computers is for homework and studying.  


The next part about shadow day was lunch.  Lunch at Kraemer is also shorter than lunch at Woodsboro.  At Woodsboro lunch is 45 minutes, while at Kraemer lunch is half an hour.  You can buy or bring your lunch.  The cafeteria food there tastes like it came out of a restaurant.  They had pizza, soda, milk, juice, cookies, chips, brownies, and apples.  Once you get your food you go to a table and talk to your friends.  Once you are done with your food you do the same thing that you did at recess. The worst thing about shadow day was when you had to go.  After sixth period, you went down to the multi-purpose room and talked about what happened during the day.