Scholastic Book Fair

Scholastic Book Fair at Woodsboro, which happens twice a year is a wonderful place for you and your family to go to and have a good time. You can purchase books at low prices and really enjoy reading them. There is much more to the Scholastic Book Fair than just buying and reading books though. There are posters, little toys, and other fun things you can play with for sale. They even have raffles and guess the amount of candy in the jar. They have raffles where you can win $5 credit toward buying books, posters, and other toys. Also, if you guess the amount of candy in the jar correctly, you win all of the candy inside it, which can be a lot. But, the best part about the book fair is that it is open all week long! You can go in to get books or posters anytime during lunch and recess as long as you have a dollar. You can also go after school, but with an adult chaperone where you will have an unlimited amount of time to shop. Because your class would have visited the book fair the first day it opened, you will have a good sense of what books you want.


The most amazing part about book fair week is Family Night. Family Night is one day out of the week when your entire family can come to book fair. They usually even have a special. For example, the first 100 people to come get a gift card, or if you follow a dress code, you get credit toward buying books. The entire family can come, receive these prizes, and have fun looking at and buying new books. Sometimes, they even have food. You can go straight to the book fair and just have dinner there. The book fair is set up in the multi-purpose room, along with everything else, and it is there all week for you to enjoy.