Science Fair Article

On March 8, 4th-6th graders, will compete in the Woodsboro Science Fair. All of these students must think of a question. This question must be tested in three trials. Then, once all the data is collected. Students display their question, hypothesis, materials, procedure, results, conclusion, and research on a three panel display board.


The question is what will be tested. The hypothesis is an educated guess made, based off of research. The materials is a list of all the supplies used in the experiment. The procedure is the step by step directions to how you conduct the experiment. The results is a table displaying all of the raw data. In addition, the results include a graph presenting your data. The graph can be any kind, such as a line graph or a bar graph, whichever shows the data the best. The conclusion is what the results were. Also, the conclusion states if the hypothesis was correct or incorrect. Lastly, the research is the extra information gathered from various sources about the experiment, mainly the internet.


Also, the Orange County Science and Engineering Fair, OCSEF, has been sponsoring this event for a number of years. In addition to sponsoring our school program, they are allowing the 6th grade 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners to join the Orange County Science Fair. This is a very special opportunity that many students work to be a part of. Students were also very fortunate to have Mr. Muller come and do a introduction on data presentation. He taught students the best ways to present data for their display boards. Also, after the presentation, students were given a chance to ask Mr. Muller specific questions they had for their project.
All of the the 4th-6th grade students have been working very hard experimenting and creating their display boards. They should be very proud of all their dedication and hard work.