Math Team Article

The teams for the Woodsboro Math Team have been chosen! For the 4th Grade team (All in Mrs. Strohmenger’s class)  there is Joseph Park, Jonathan Chen, Ray Tan, and Hosanna Chung. Forming the 5th Grade Team, Woodsboro has Robert Sutedjo, Preston Sasaki, Camille Ives, and Rohan Bhalodia who are all in Mrs. Livergood’s class. And last but not least, the 6th Grade Team, all from Mrs. Chung. This team consists of Josiah Chung, Arjun Patel, John Risner, and David Van Dyke. The teammates were chosen by a series of placement tests for each grade. These tests presented the students with the hardest curriculum of their grade. Congrats to all these hardworking students who made their best efforts and made it in. The teams will be practicing strenuously every week over the next few months to be ready for the Orange County Math Field Day which will happen in Spring.


In the competition, which is sponsored by the Orange County Math Council and held at San Juan Capistrano High School, teams of 4th, 5th, and 6th from all other schools in the the district, will compete with each other. There are five categories that the teams must participate and compete in. There is Algebraic Thinking, Geometry, Numbers and Operations, Measurement, and Data Analysis. Each section is 30 minutes long The Field Day begins at 7:30 AM and ends at 4:00 PM, ending with a Rubik’s Cube Tournament and Awards Ceremony. The teams for the Rubik’s Cube are chosen, not officially chosen by Orange County but by the leader of the team (the entire Woodsboro team. 4th, 5th, and 6th) In our case, our leader/coach is Mr. Minesh Patel, Arjun’s dad. The kids with who make the top 8 fastest times on the team will be chosen. The awards (medals) will be given to the top six of each section of each grade. Also, before the competition, teams will have time to make poster boards for their team which will be hung on the wall of the school to show off the team’s spirit. They will also be designing T-shirts to wear to the event.
Please wish them luck for the upcoming Math Field Day so they can bring glory to Woodsboro!