Walkthrough the American Revolution

Woodsboro Elementary has a program called Walk Through that comes to the school every year to teach us about history. All 5th grade students attend this 2 ½ hour event full of fun.  A walk through is an interactive educational presentation about history. It includes music, activities, and games. In a Walk Through you must memorize a card assigned to you. There are two kinds of cards you can get in Walk Throughs a character cards and an expert cards. An expert card is when you are an expert on one word. A character card is when you memorize a card that portrays who you are in the exhibition. You also dress up as your character and act like him/her.

In the preparation for a Walk Through , students gather in  groups of 8-12 people and reenact a moment in history. A reenactment can be a battle or an important moment in history. Also you must memorize  your line in the Walk Through.

You also need to have a costume in the event. This is how the students prepared for the presentation.

At the day of the Walk Through students learn about  the causes of the American Revolution. The Walk Through has two parts: the history and the battles. Your experienced guide has a “time machine” which he will activate and take you “back in time”. The guide will choose students that will reenact parts in history and will tell jokes. In the second portion the battles you rehearsed will be performed in front of your parents. By the end of the interactive presentation you will know the importance of liberty and patriotism.


I hope all the fifth graders had fun at the Walk Through the American Revolution. Also I hope all of the children in the school will be able to experience the excitement that comes with a Walk Through.