Destination Imagination

One exciting, fun-filled Saturday, two teams of eleven enthusiastic children ) traveled to  Laguna Beach to participate in a competition called, Destination Imagination. The competition consists of several challenges; Pace of Change, Get a Clue, Change in Direction, Close Encounters, In Plain Sight, and The Meme Event. Everyone in the competition had to pick one challenge


One of the teams had 6 kids, and its leader was Mr.Chap. They were 6th graders and their team name was 20 Second Century. The people on their team were; Rachel Bai, Camille Chap, Isabella Cervantes, Brody Kamai, Carolyn Lin, and Diya Shah. They had picked the Pace of Change challenge. The objective of the challenge was to build a vehicle that could carry at least one of the team members across and back multiple times a designated area, while performing a skit about change. They only had $200 to use to build the vehicle, build the props, and make the costumes. Additionally, they had to change the vehicle propulsion system and the vehicle movement method during the presentation. Also, they needed to have two team choice elements, that showed off the team’s interests, skills, strength, and talents. Furthermore, they had to design and make a team flag.


Another one of the teams had 5 kids, and they were 4th graders. Their leader was Mrs. Bhagavatula, and they chose the Get a Clue challenge. Their team name was The Romans and the people on their team were; Hosanna Chung, Anvi Bhagavatula, Ethan Chap, Ryan Lin, and Ray Tan. Their challenge asked for a mystery story set on Earth in a team-chosen time period before 1990. There also had to be 3 mystery suspects characters responsible for mystery. There needed two team choice elements that showed off the team’s strength, talents, and skills too for their challenge. They also had to design and make a team flag.


These energetic children competed in regionals at Thurston Middle School in the Waves to Dunes competition. They did amazing and had lots of fun. Hopefully, next year, more people will continue to do Destination Imagination.