Space Case Book Review

The book Space Case is a novel by Stuart Gibbs and is the first book in the moon base alpha series. The book takes place in the year 2041 and is a murder mystery about a twelve year old boy named Dashiell Gibson. Dashiel and his family are sent to live on the moon in moonbase alpha. Moonbase alpha is the first colony on another planet besides earth, but it is only about the size of a soccer field. You would think that being one of the first people to live on the moon would be awesome but it turns out it’s not as great as it seems. All the furniture is inflatable and isn’t very comfortable. Almost all the food is freeze dried and fresh food only comes every month. Dash is bored out of his mind because the kids weren’t allowed on the surface of the moon and the only other kid there his age is always playing a virtual reality game that he doesn’t like. There are only about twelve other families on the moon base including him and his family. Everything is boring until one of the scientist is found dead and Dashiell thinks there is foul play afoot but no one believes him. So Dashiell begins to secretly try to find out who killed the scientist. Did someone purposely murder the scientist or was it really just an accident? Find out in the book Space Case by Stuart Gibbs. There is also a sequel to this book called Spaced Out coming out in spring.


I think this book is a great book for kids ages eight through twelve. The book has a very good plot with a great mystery and twist ending. If you read this book the twist ending will blow your mind.