Christmas Party

This year, the Christmas party in Mrs. Chung’s room was a huge hit! The committee did an excellent job making the stations. There was sled racing, snowball throwing, gingerbread house building, and a book exchange.


The sled racing was a ramp divided into section. The winner got to keep the car that they chose. The students got to pick their car and decorate it with colored paper. Then, they would place their cars on the track and do one practice round. They would all release their cars at the same time and the first car to the bottom won. After the practice round, they would do the real round. the winner of the real round would get to keep their car, and they would also get peanut brittle.


Snowball throwing had balled-up paper. There was a target on the wall, and students would stand behind a desk and throw paper wads at it. The target was designed like an archery target, with points in each circle. The person who got the most points won. Mostly, though, they were just chucking the paper and hoping it would hit.


The gingerbread house building activity is, in my opinion, the best. The frosting to hold the house together was made by Josiah Chung. There were graham crackers for the walls, and there was candy to decorate the houses with. There were many different  types of houses, but one group made a beach shack. The bases for the houses were lunch trays from the cart, and they used the utensils to smooth around the frosting.


Finally, there was the book exchange. Students were asked to bring in a book wrapped.  Most students did, but for those who forgot Mrs. Chung already had books on hand. Then the students were asked to pass the books around. The students probably passed it to the right. There were so many different books! I saw The Hobbit, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and so much more! So, if you’re in Mrs. Chung’s class next year, then prepare for a great Christmas!