Honk Jr.

Huston School of Music and Theatre presents… Honk Jr! Honk is the story of the ugly duckling in which a baby swan is born to a family of ducks. He has not shed his first feathers yet, and is the ugliest of them all. The worst part is, he knows it. When the small duckling is lured away from his small home by the villainous cat, he gets lost for many months. His mother, Ida, leaves her husband, Drake, to search for her lost duckling. Ugly, the Cat, and Ida are all caught in a deadly blizzard. Ida melts Ugly with her tears of sadness only to reveal that Ugly has become a swan. Ugly’s love interest, Penny,  decides to stay with Ugly, and the couple live on the lake with everyone else.

The cast of Honk is what brings the production to life. Ida, Ugly’s loving mother has the chance to sing multiple solos, and her character really brings love and laughter to the show. Ida is played by Allie Pullen in Mrs. Livergood’s 5th grade. “ I can’t wait to get a start on memorizing my lines. I’m super excited and nervous about being a lead in this show.” Allie says. Ida’s husband, Drake, is a party duck who spends most of his days avoiding Ida and any other jobs that require responsibility. He sings most of the opening number. Drake is played by Aidan Vouga in Mrs. Livergood’s 5th grade. “This is my first play, and I am super excited that I got a lead, but I don’t really want to sing.” Aidan admits. “I am super excited to perform on stage.” There is a Turkey who fills the role as a teacher for the little ducklings. The Turkey is quick to show her distaste for Ugly’s looks, and is a kiss up to the most respected duck on the farm. The Turkey is played by Abigail Livergood in Mrs. Chung 6th grade class. “I am so excited to play my part. I love the energy in my character, and really feel like it matches my personality.” The swan family also play an important role in the show. The swan father is played by Mate Sebastian in Mrs. Chung’s 6th grade class. “I am happy with my part because it is my first show. I am most excited to sing my duet.” Mrs. Kris Huston the founder of Huston school of Music and Theatre is so excited to see where this show is going to lead.

Honk Jr. will make it’s debut on May 21 at 2pm. Additional shows are on May 22 at 2pm and 7pm at the Yorba Linda Forum. Tickets can be bought for 12-16 dollars from the link below. These Woodsboro students hope to see you at one of our shows!