Donte Stallworth Says Tom Brady Used to Pay Practice Squad Players for INTs

Tom Brady was born in 1977.  He is currently a football player for the New England Patriots and plays as the quarterback. He is very good.  Also he has won several Super Bowl rings with an amazing coach.


Recently he has been facing scrutiny over the “deflate gate”s candal. Now he is facing more backlash over paying people he scrimmages with. He pays  team members to get intel on the other team and figure out there strategies to win in a game. Many different players accuse him of these actions. He denies any wrongdoing or cheating.


Donte Stallworth revealed that one of his former teammates used to reward practice squad players for making plays against him in practice. Aaron Wilson has reported that after  Ryan Tannehill mocked his fellow teammates by saying “Enjoy your practice squad paycheck, enjoy your practice squad trophy.”  Some of Brady’s players say that Aaron and Tannehill are the opposites of Tom Brady.
There has been a lot of backlash in the football community suggesting that Tom Brady has cheated several times and results in winning many games. Unfortunately, in football there is no rule stating you can not pay a lot of money to the Squad teams. Brady goes above and beyond the average amount of money. Brady thinks he is working like everyone and being perfectly normal.