Animal Einsteins:Study shows the truth about cats

New studies show the truth about cats. They understand us, but they don’t care what we say. The study was done in Japan by two Scientists, Atsuko Saito and Kazutaka Shinozuka. It showed that cats were able to hear and understand their owners voice. They can tell their owners voice from a stranger with ease. The test was done with 20 house cats from 14 homes. The test was done inside the homes because the scientists didn’t want the nervousness that cats feel in new places to affect the tests.


When the recording of strangers calling the cats was played, the cats didn’t even pay attention to the sound at all. When the sound of the cat’s owner was played, the cats put their ears up and looked around to hear where the sound was coming from, but they didn’t get up. Cats appear to be too lazy to even walk toward their owner. This basically is what they call a cat putting on his cloaking device. The researchers believe this shows two things. First, cats can recognize and tell their owner’s voice apart from a stranger’s – but this does not make them “communicative”. In other words, cats can hear you, but they don’t care what your saying. The study also shows that cats, at least, pay attention to us. This does not mean that they do what we want. Cats think they were put on the planet so we can do what they want.


The reason cats are like this is because the way that they were domesticated. When humans started farming, cats noticed mice and rodents on the fields. Humans let the cats hang around and do anything they wanted. Since the cats could do anything they wanted, they made up their own terms for domestication. Cats eventually thought they were the ones in charge, and decided to stop doing what humans wanted them to do. On the other hand, dogs worked closely with humans and were domesticated to obey what the owner wants. They were used for many purposes such as hunting with humans.  When people started to bring cats into their homes people never trained them until later in history. In fact, the cats started training humans. When cats want something, they will whine until they get it. People have always been woken up at 3:00 in the morning by a hungry cat. We react to their cries just as we do with babies. Let face it, cats view us as big, fat, and ugly things that walk around the house. So if you are thinking about adopting a cat, be realistic.   Don’t expect them to swish their tails and come running like the family dog when it’s called. The cats  will merely glance at the owner and think, “Oh, it’s that guy again.”