Toxic Slime Flatworm

In Miami, Florida, a flatworm was found in 2012. The “monster” was a species which could wipe out any plant, or animal species. The worm is a 2 inch long menace and is covered in toxic slime. This worm is an invasive species and is listed in the top 100 most invasive species list. An invasive species is one that is not native to its surrounding area. It can easily take over its new habitat and can completely wreck the ecosystem. It eats snails by spitting the stomach onto the flesh of the organism. Next, it would send acids into the body . Then the creature devours down the snail. This creature can move anywhere, even into your own backyard. This shows that the worm is a dangerous species and could wipe out our ecosystem.

This creature is a truly gruesome sight and is slowly spreading throughout Florida. The species can spread from Miami to any part in Florida, or even America! This flatworm, if found in the wild, can spread terror in the ecosystems. This flatworm can also cause disease and it is known that there is the possibility that it can give you the rat lungworm, a small organism that burrows in your brain and gives you muscle aches and sensitivity to light. This can spread from human to human so it is very dangerous. The host subject, the person who has been infected, usually recovers without even knowing they had the virus. This shows that this miniature monster is not something to mess around with.

The toxic flatworm is a force to be reckon with and should not be handled by a human being. This is so because it emits a toxic goo that can cause multiple allergies. This makes the flatworm all the more dangerous. The species could have already spread to other parts in the U.S. If you see this thing in your yard, you better watch out!