Disney Keeps Characters Anonymous

Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida-

Have you ever seen your favorite Disney characters walk down Main Street at Disney World?  Recently, employees of Walt Disney World have been banned from posting their job events on social media. In June of 2015, Donna-Lynne Dalton, a union member, stated, “Disney employees are no longer allowed to disclose any information about their jobs as a character.” However, she thinks that this rule has been taken too far. Donna explained, “Working as a Disney character is not a top secret spy job.”   Donna says that, “Clearly it is saying that they cannot do anything during their off time.” Disney is strict about what happens at work with their employees.  Disney controls not only what employees post but also what their family members post. Family members and employees will get in trouble if they post anything about their job. The consequences could be major.  Employees could get fired.

At Disney World, more than 12,000 employees meet and greet people of all ages. They appear as almost every Disney character and villain. Disney doesn’t want to shatter the image of characters jumping right out of their movies. They want the guests to feel as if those characters were real. Employees must come to work wearing their full costume. Also, they can never tell kids they are actors.  Disney believes in fantasy. They need to preserve the magic.  Disney doesn’t want to disappoint kids by saying their characters are actors. Over the past few months, Disney has changed its rules about what their employees post on social media. Even though this rule may sound fair, many people disagree. They say Disney blocks them from having their freedom. Even though Disney knows about these complaints, it states it wants to preserve the magic so Disney World can stay the most magical place on Earth.