Venturing in video games

On July 13th, 2014, two gamers, Choi Seong Hun, age 26, and Choi Ji Sung, age 23, competed at the Red Bull Battle Grounds in Atlanta Georgia. They played a game called StarCraft II in a one to one match to win the ultimate grand prize and title of #1 Gamer in the World. They sit in swivel chairs, gaming on top notch computers, separated by a divider to prevent screen cheating and other advantages that can come with looking at screens. The title of #1 Gamer in the World, is one of the most coveted titles in the gaming world. The title reflect dedication to the game and quality of the player as well.


Myriads of hit-sites like Twitch and Youtube are great for avid gamers. These sites help gamers to interact and play with one another. The live stream feature gives fans a rush knowing that they’re watching them play their video game live.   It also keeps the viewers on the edge of their seats. Various gamers use these websites to promote their youtube channels, get sponsored, and gain new, interested fans. Video games have advanced in many ways and have even paved new roads for people’s jobs and futures. Red Bull has created various tournaments consisting of only the top video gamers in the world.  Red Bull, however, is not the only company who is supporting the thought of gaming championships and a career of gaming. There are varieties of conferences and other sorts of gatherings such as E3, Eurogamer, and Multiplay’s Insomnia Gaming Festival.


Starcraft II is a game much like chess and checkers, except, much faster paced and is rated T for teens. In this game, you build your base, try to overwhelm your opponent,  and then defeat them by destroying their base. To win, you must control and manage your own military base, train troops to defend your base from incoming attackers while still playing offensive  and defeat your opponent.


Many people do not believe in the idea that gaming can be a career and that you can make money from being a pro gamer. You can actually make a fair amount of money. One of the Red Bull Competitions has a grand prize of $30,000 not including all of the sponsors and products that have been purchased. Gaming could be a job but in order to actually become successful it would take much effort and practice. Very few people have made gaming into their career. Gaming is not a sport that you can just pick up a controller and be good enough to turn it into a job. It takes much dedication and most people will not  succeed. Although it may not be a “full time” job now, it may be in the future  for a few talented individuals.


Some  who turn gaming into a job van  compete in national championships to win money and  gain sponsors that offer economic, and mental support. One person who turned gaming into career is   Choi Seong Hun. He has competed in many tournaments and has made it his full time job. Throughout his career he has competed against many others  who wanted to make it their job too. He has made it to various news websites and become famous doing what he loves.


All in all, these gaming contests are very intense and require much skill. Those who do accomplish their dream and become pro gamers have an dazzling time doing what they love for a living. Though numberless people believe that gaming is a waste of time and are for “nerds”, and “geeks”, gaming will be one of the sports of the future.


“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”