Hello H20

There is a new discovery on Mars. This information has people on the edge of their seats. Could this big breakthrough change life as people know it? NASA announced this breaking news on September 28, 2015. Many people were there and have had much to say on the matter. The big question in the air right now is how did liquid water form on Mars. Scientists have been lead to believe that this happened because of the increasing rate of salt on Mar.) This is happening because . A myriad of people have said that it is impossible to survive on Mars because of it’s lack of water. Satellites have shown us that there are frozen icecaps located on the surface of Mars, but none have melted overtime. Scientists have been led to believe this because of the increasing rate of salt located on the surface of Mars which could expand the boiling point of water on Mars. Scientists believe that the temperature is right for water to melt into its liquid form in every season. Scientists are still in the process of researching the subject, and are uncovering clues to this investigation.

Salt is in great abundance for the time being. Scientists think that “the molecules are becoming dehydrated.” Scientists noted the presence of perchlorates, a kind of salt, which could make the boiling point of Mars’ water rise, theoretically allowing it to remain liquid. There are some moist streaks that line the planet’s surface.  NASA has sent Rover and a new technological invention called the MRO or the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter to Mars, hoping to uncover some more information about the water discovery on Mars   

Even though there may be water on Mars, there is still the issue of keeping it there. The water evaporates from Mars’ surface which is at sixty-eight degrees fahrenheit. This means that Mars would have to invent a way sooner before all the water evaporates and we lose our chance of discovering a new planet.