Finally after 5 decades of heels, Barbie finally puts on a pair of flats

“Finally, Barbie has been set free of her misery.” -MTV.  


Barbie debuted at the New York Toy fair of 1959. She is known amongst all of us as a toy that wears just heels and always has the perfect look. Well, we have news for you. Remember when you would take off their shoes and mix and match to see what crazy (but cute) style you could come up with? Do you remember when you would take off the shoes, they would be stuck in the tip-toe shape of the high heel? Well, now Barbie wears flats! Her feet are now stretchable to accommodate flats and heels. The Barbie “style” is now Authentic Street & Hip. Mattel claims that many of the Barbies “rock flats.” Adults now LOVE Barbie!