Robots competing to see which is more advanced

Robots have been used in the past to do some human tasks, such as to move  such as cars and truck.   They are efficient  but they are not as coordinated as humans. For example, robots were used to help in a nuclear power factory.  Unfortunately, there was a tsunami.  The robots were not able to prevent the leakage of  radioactive material into the ocean.  Many people became sick and  it  was a catastrophe. Since,  robots have evolved.  Soon the world will see the many advancements of a robots.


The USA is hosting an event to see who has made the most advanced robot. Twenty-five teams will face off in the event and the total prize of it is $3.5 milion dollars. Their robots will perform tasks from far-away garages.

In past competitions, the competitors had to program the robots to be able to press an emergency switch and be able to get up from a sitting position and travel 33 feet without falling. They also had to be able to go over a hurdle. They also couldn’t recharge during the event. The contestants will operate from a garage far from where the robots are and they will have to move with sensors.  The robots will commence different tasks in a period of time. Gill Pratt is working for the US government that is hosting the competition. Gill and his team hope it will inspire better technology like it has done for Japan.  While it is a step forward, it will still  take many more years for scientists to improve the current technology.