Real Steel in Real Life!

Oakland, California –

Yes, this fearsome, 15-foot tall paintball gun wielding, machine is real, and it’s in the U.S.A, waiting to have a throw down with its rival in Japan. Both Japan’s and America’s machines are called mechs. Mechs are huge robots that are controlled by two pilots who sit inside the robot. Mechs are always known to fight other mechs in an exciting, intense battle because of many video games based on mech battles. Now, the creators of both mechs must upgrade their machines to be more quick, fast and deadly to battle each other.


Creators of the U.S.A. mech, Gui Cavalcanti and Matt Oehrlein, have finally had their dreams come true. Other video game enthusiasts are very excited for this battle. Gui’s and Matt’s company called, Mega Bots have created a mech designed to fight and destroy other mechs in an entertaining, gladiator-style battle. Their mech is called the Mark I and uses cannons that shoot humongous (1.4 kg) paintballs. Sadly, the Mark I’s speed isn’t worthy of its grand statue. It uses a lawnmower engine and travels at a speed of only 2 miles per hour. After the creation of the Mark I, all there was to do was to find was to find an opponent.


Mega Bots wasn’t the first to make a giant robot designed for fighting. In Japan, a company called Suidobashi Heavy Studios hasncreated  a mech that is faster and more nimble. This mech uses hand to hand combat,  wields a high-powered BB gatling gun (that shoots 100 rounds of  BB’s every second),  and has other weapons including a shield and hand-spikes. Their machine is called Kuratas. When Mega Bot found out that there was another mech waiting for a fight, they posted a video on YouTube challenging the Japanese to a duel of fates.


The Japanese accepted the challenge a month ago, but the location of the battle is still to be determined. During this time, the Americans and the Japanese have been upgrading their bots to be ready for combat. Mega Bot started a kickstarter and earned $250,000 to create another and better version of Mark I called Mark II. Their Kickstarter is still earning money to increase the horsepower of Mark II and shock-mounted steel armor to absorb 1 ton punches.
We still don’t know how Japan is upgrading and improving Kuratas all the way across the ocean, but what we are sure about is when the duel commences, it’s going to be one heck of a fight.