Clara Duskborn and the Book of the Universe Chapter 2


Chapter 2


I sit in my office, thinking about Adam and the ‘book’. That’s how I refer to it now. I can’t help but hate it, now that I have to choose between it and Adam.

I can’t believe it. I have my own office! Why does a 17-year-old need an office?

It’s because I’m the most important 17-year-old in the universe, that’s why! I only slightly remember how all this got started, but I know it has changed my life forever.

The book has made me famous, even though I didn’t want it. I hadn’t even known it existed, before a mere two months ago!

The Book of the Universe, as everyone else calls it (But I personally don’t think it deserves the title), has the secret to destroying every single planet in the known Universe. I know it sounds scary, and, very illogical; I mean, why would you write down the procedure to destroy all that exists? Only my ancestors know.

They created the book, oh, about five million years ago. I know that’s a crazy long time ago, probably around the beginning of the rise of the human race, but it’s the truth! I have absolutely no idea where they got all this information, but I know that I must keep it hidden.

It would be much easier to just wipe the book off the face of the universe, but my stupid, quite stupid, very old family decided to make it indestructible using something I don’t know what.

To add to all this idiocy, this alien (although we’re aliens to them) from some random planet, just shows up, convincing other non-earthlings to join him in his quest to destroy the universe, and build a new one. That was the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard, but he seems to have a charm over everyone other than humans. He set up a base on his home planet, calling beings from all over the universe to help him.

Where would he even get the materials to build a new universe? That’s a whole lot of matter to deal with!

A sigh slips from my mouth before I can stop it. I hate that sound. It sounds like it’s the end of the world for someone, and every time I hear it, I feel like my own world is over. It is the sound of despair and regret and everything bad.

The reason for me even having to think about the Savior and all this hero stuff is a mystery to me. Although, it can be fun, sometimes. Except when your best friend happens to get kidnapped by evil aliens because you talked too loud.

I grimace, wishing I could talk to Adam right this moment. I never thought I would ever miss him this much; mostly because I thought he would always be by my side, but also because I didn’t think he is that big a part of my life. I hope he’s okay. I mean, I know the aliens wouldn’t kill him. He is their leverage! But, they can still hurt him!

This is my life now; a mixture of friendship and pain, laughter and regret. This world I never thought existed has broken into my life like a needle, and the pain never seems to stop.

I always feel alone, so alone, and there is nothing I can do about it. I know I can’t give the book over to the Savior, but I can’t let Adam die! I guess the Savior knew that, too.

Suddenly, Victoria races into my office. I spin my chair around, pulling my feet off of the desk. She definitely would not like that.

“We just finished a test on the walls of the building Adam was kidnapped in. The walls were soundproof!”

I know she doesn’t care about Adam, but she always tries to make me happy, in case I randomly decide to destroy a planet, which I think is also ridiculous. I’m not just some regular human who only cares about themselves after all!

I stare at her, wondering what she means. She must have seen confusion on my face, because she rolled her eyes, stuck out a hip, and explained rather loudly.

“It means, that your talking wasn’t what alerted the aliens to our presence within their base.”

I still didn’t realize what she was implying, and shook my head, trying to think. I felt relieved that it wasn’t my fault, but she was still not giving enough information.

Victoria’s hand raises up to her head, and she buries it into her palm, probably wondering why the only known Duskborn alive is so stupid. I stick out my tongue while she isn’t looking, which almost makes me satisfied.

“So, that means there is a traitor among us!”

I narrow my eyes, seething at her. Why didn’t she just say that in the first place!? Breaths slowly file from my mouth, and I decide to take the more mature path.

Who could it be? Without responding to Victoria, I spin around and put my feet back on my desk, imagining her fuming behind me. I grin while she can’t see me.

I start narrowing the people who knew about our trip to the Savior’s base. I could immediately cancel out Cole and Adam, and most likely Victoria, who only wanted what was best for me, but I couldn’t remember who else went with us.

My thoughts drift to Cole without my meaning to. I don’t really know what to think of the boy I had recently met. He was certainly a great friend, but I couldn’t figure out if he was more than that.

Victoria pulled my chair back towards her, causing my feet to fall back to the floor and my head to bounce. I frown at her, and she stares back. “So, what do you think?”

I sigh at her. The sighing again! I am not myself without Adam.

“Well, I know that Zeke has always seemed a little suspicious to me, but I don’t want to just call him a suspect randomly, do you?”

“No, I don’t, but you need to make decisions sometimes!”

“No, I don’t, I’m not the leader here, you are!”

Victoria stares at me, an angry look plastered across her face. I imagine stink waves fuming up from her, and can’t help but smile. She decides to ignore the gesture, of which I am thankful for, but she still has more to say.

“So you mean to say that you think you should have no input in the council’s final decisions?”

I hate how Victoria twists my words. I turn my head away, holding it up proudly, hoping that if I refuse to respond she will return to her work. However, she is too determined for that.

“Well, okay then, shall I inform the Council of your decision?” she asks as she starts to walk away, looking back at me and smirking.

I don’t respond until she is almost to the door. “No, wait! Fine, I’ll act like an adult if you want me too!”

Ugh, she can be such a pain in the neck.

She nods knowingly. “That’s what I thought!” She turns around, bouncing back over to me. “Are you responsible enough to think of ideas?”

I nod obediently and search my mind for any clues as to who is the traitor. I need to be ready if he or she struck again, maybe even kidnapping Cole!

“You should probably call Zeke in for inspection, and, maybe Rachel. She wasn’t on the expedition, but she knew about it! She could have had plenty of time to run to the Savior and tell him all our secrets!”

I don’t want to seem untrusting of anybody, but I will not allow anyone else to get hurt because of a spy that has already caused the capture of my best friend. They knew he was there; the aliens had went straight for him and acted like they didn’t want to get me!

They knew he was my best friend, and that was something very few people knew, and Rachel was not one of them. “Never mind. Not her.”

However, Zeke did know about Adam’s friendship with me, and we did spend a lot of time around him.

I nod at Victoria, proud of my deductions. “Zeke seems like the most likely culprit until we find out more.”

Victoria had just been standing there, watching me think, knowing I was smart enough to get to a point, and get to it fast. She nodded, leaving the room, leaving me to think some more about Adam and Cole.

I had to figure out someway to save Adam!