The Best Rides at Knotts Berry Farm


David Van Dyke, Editor

On Friday, September 4, I had the privilege of going to Knott’s Berry Farm for the first time. I got to feel the thrill of riding pretty much all the roller coasters Knott’s had in store for me. I loved it so much, that I’ve decided to create a list of my top favorite rides that I¬†rode on on that unforgettable Friday. I will also be including a scale of one to five on the thrill of each ride. Enjoy!

  1. Ghost Rider- This rickety, old, wooden roller coaster seems harmless, but don’t underestimate it! This ride has lots of stomach hurtling drops and throws riders around like a 8.0 earthquake. If you hate headaches don’t ride this. but this ride is definitely one of the most thrilling rides and the longest one too, lasting just over 3 minutes. (FYI if you want to get on this ride quickly, get to the park early because the line gets pretty long!) For all the people who want to ride this, I hate to tell you this, but it is currently closed for restoration and will open back in 2016. Thrill Rating: 4
  2. Silver Bullet- This roller coaster is a real thriller. Riders are strapped to a seat and hung, suspended below the track. Yes, your legs will be dangling freely about 150 feet up in the air. This ride consists of many loop de loops and corkscrews. It just throws you around a ton! The ride ends with the rider soaring over the water, in a 90 degree angle, feeling the g-force on your face and stomach. This ride is a total must-do. Thrill Rating: 4
  3. Xcelerator- This ride is crazily fast! It reaches 82 mph in only 2 seconds! Then the rider shoots up 205 feet and falls down a 205 foot drop at a 90 degree angle. Even though the ride itself is only about 1 minute long, it is a must-do and a real blast! Thrill Rating: 5
  4. Supreme Scream- When they mean Supreme Scream, they really mean scream. Riders are strapped in tight around one of the triangular pillars of the the ride and shot up 312 feet up into the air. Riders have a view of the park at the top, but only for about 5 seconds. Riders will hear a loud steam sound and then they will fall all 312 feet. Your stomach will be in your throat! If you hate big drops and suspense, do not ride. Otherwise this is an experience you don’t want to miss! Thrill Rating: 6
  5. Montezuma’s Revenge- Montezuma’s revenge was a terrible disease in Mexico. This ride is not a disease, it is awesome. Riders are fired forward at 55 mph in about 5 seconds straight into a loop de loop seven stories high. Then the train travels to the top of a 145 foot hill and then falls backwards down the hill and through the loop de loop again. The rider now travels up one more hill backwards and shoots down back to the beginning of the ride. This ride is not the best, but since the line is always pretty short, you can ride it multiple times in a row. Thrill Rating: 4.2
  6. Boomerang- This name of this ride should explain what this crazy ride is about. Riders are hurtled down into a mess of twisting and turning loop de loops before doing the whole entire ride backwards! Sadly, this ride is exceptionally bumpy when going through the loops. Thank God for the rubber head cushions! Your head will bump around like a hurricane. After the ride is over, you feel satisfied, but also you feel your head throbbing like mad. If you hate getting headaches for about 5 minutes, do not ride. Otherwise, this ride is awesome, but if you only have a few hours at the park spend your time on another ride. Thrill Rating: 3.8
  7. Sierra Sidewinder- This ride may look babyish and wimpy, but it is an awesome ride. The ride is a traditional, not-so-scary ride, but there is a twist. Riders are put in a circular car that spins around depending on the weight the ride is putting on the car. Backwards or forwards, this ride is a blast. another great ride, but if you don’t have a lot of time at the park, this ride isn’t worth your time. Thrill: 3
  8. Voyage to the Iron Reef- This is the newest addition to the park. The Kraken and its evil, mechanical, sea creatures are is taking over Knott’s. It’s up to you to stop them. This ride is kind of like Midway Mania in California Adventure. Riders are put into a “submarine” and armed with a laser gun. You must shoot as much creatures as you can to earn as much point as you can. You eventually face off the Kraken in an epic boss battle. By the time you are out of this ride, rider’s fingers are throbbing from continuously jabbing the trigger on the gun. This ride is awesome, but not worth waiting the usual 45 minute to an hour wait. Thrill: 1
  9. Jaguar!- I have no idea why this ride’s title has an exclamation point in it. This ride is a bore and a drag. This ride is so slow, I wouldn’t count this ride as a roller coaster. Don’t ride this ride even if you have lots of time at the park, it’s not worth it. This ride is one of the rides for your younger siblings. Thrill: 1

I hope you guys enjoyed reading my list of top rides as much as I enjoyed writing it! I hope next time you visit Knott’s you consider my list of best rides to ride!