Top Ten rides in California Adventure


Arjun Patel, Editor-in-Cheif

  1. California Screamin’ This thrilling rollercoaster is for daring people. It is the only ride that goes upside-down and towers high above the other attractions.
  2. Radiator Springs Racers: Two cars side by side first travel through Radiator Springs before going outside and starting a race.
  3. Tower of Terror: Taking place in a haunted hotel with a broken elevator, this ride has a massive thirteen story drop at the  end.
  4. Soarin’ over California: Visitors sit in massive rows of seats and are lifted in the air. They soar over California seeing the landscapes in front of them in a massive screen.
  5. Grizzly River Run: Grizzly River Run is a water rollercoaster that splashes visitors in a circular car while dropping down.
  6. Goofy Sky School: Goofy Sky School is a small rollercoaster with sharp turns and a few small drops.
  7. Midway Mania: This buzz lightyear shooting range is located below California Screamin’.
  8. Mickey’s Fun Wheel: The swinging cars on this ride makes visitors hiccup and swings almost vertically .
  9. Silly Symphony Swings: This ride used to be orange stinger but are now elevated spiraling swings.
  10. Jumpin’ Jellyfish: This kiddy ride playfully jumps up and down.