Our Superintendent Dr. Domene Visits Mrs. Chung’s Class!


Dr. Domene believes kindness and courage can accomplish amazing feats in life. Dr. Domene is the superintendent in the Placentia-Yorba Linda School District. He has a hunger to constantly grow in knowledge. Each day, he motivates more and more of the 25,042 students in the Placentia-Yorba Linda School District including young children, growing teens, and young adults. Dr. Domene is a modern, middle-aged man who loves technology. He recently visited a multitude of classrooms in Woodsboro Elementary. He spoke to the students about electronics, children following their interest, and overall life lessons.

Dr. Domene’s believes technology is great for the PYLUSD community. When Dr. Domene assisted in designing Yorba Linda High School, he decided to make it high tech. However, some teachers throughout the district disagree with this idea. In contrast, Woodsboro Elementary has about 60 chromebooks that are used by teachers daily. In addition, the most recent fundraiser, the Apex Fun Run Jog-a-thon, has raised enough money to complete a half cart of chromebooks. When one student asked about his opinion about students bringing their own electronics to school, Dr. Domene replied “I love it”.

Dr. Domene has always wanted to be a teacher his whole life. While in high school, Dr. Domene dreamed of becoming a high school principal. He received his doctorate of communication from Cal State Fullerton.  Instead of becoming a principal, he was persuaded to become the Director of Executive Services.

He encourages people, especially students, to work on things that interest them. For example, Dr. Domene stated, ”Don’t ever put me in front of a computer and ask me to program things because that’s just not my interest.” He thinks that working hard, never giving up, and having kindness, dignity, and respect will lead to success.  Dr. Domene opined, ”be courageous, face the challenge head on, and be kind.”

Dr. Domene teaches students many life lessons. His main focus is for people to be courageous and kind. His 28 year old daughter recently watched the movie Cinderella, and saw this movie had two important life lessons, being kind and courageous. In Dr. Domene’s opinion, kindness and courage are the two main keys to leading a life and a career. Also, Dr. Domene believes people who are disciplined and have a growth mindset will also be successful in life.Dr. Domene believes good character traits will lead to a good life. He wants people to follow their passions and work efficiently, never giving up.  He also believes having kindness, dignity, and respect will lead to success. Also, he thinks that life lessons are very important to leading a successful life.

Dr. Domene has improved the community, through the idea of a “growth mindset”. Whether it is about flowers, or saving someone’s life, Dr. Domene has shown kindness and courage to be a priority.