Book Review: Bone


Abby Lutes, Contributor

Bone is an amazing graphic novel series filled with adventure and daring personalities. Along the way, you will meet characters that you can either love…or hate. Fone Bone is a very kind and loving Bone and is very good with people. He usually will not make someone mad. Phoney Bone, on the other hand, is a greedy, selfish, and mean Bone. He even wanted to be mayor of Boneville (that did not really work out). Smiley Bone is a really understanding and caring Bone. He is the comedy of the group. He often is smoking a big cigar. If you are looking for him, look for some cigar butts on the ground. Thorn is a really nice, red-headed human. She becomes best friends with the Bones and will not let them stand alone in any fight. Grandma Ben is a true born warrior. She is Thorn’s grandmother (though everyone just calls her Grandma Ben) and acts as her mother. Lucius Down is the owner of the bar in Barrelhaven. He is known for disliking Phoney Bone very much, as shown in the fight they get into further in the series. Fone Bone, Phoney Bone, and Smiley Bone are all, well, bones: white creatures with huge noses. These brothers are traveling away from Boneville, their hometown, where they have been banned. Fone Bone is suddenly separated from his brothers and loses his way. He doesn’t know where to go until he comes across a huge valley inhabited with many different creatures. This is his first encounter in Barrelhaven. The first creature he meets is a extremely small, leaf-looking bug, who offers to take Fone Bone to a very nice human that he knows named Thorn. As soon as Fone Bone sees Thorn, he instantly falls in love. Thorn takes Fone Bone to see Grandma Ben. If Grandma Ben agrees to take him and his brothers in, the Bones might have just found a new home. This heartwarming and action-filled story is a family-friendly comedy.

It is loved by many people and has achieved a wonderful 4 ½ star review. To start this story, simply read: Out From Boneville, the book that starts it all. Other books in this series are (in order): Out From Boneville, The Great Cow Race, Eyes of the Storm, The Dragonslayer, Rock Jaw: Master of the Eastern Border, Old Man’s Cave, Ghost Circles, Treasure Hunters, and Crown of Horns. There is also an exclusive prequel: Rose. This is all about Grandma Ben and what she was like when she was young and Thorn’s age. Do not forget to pick that up when you are done reading the series. These books are easy-readers, yet very entertaining and great for kids all ages. The author, Jeff Smith, is an amazing writer and really interacts with the reader through his dialogue, and through the illustrations. Make sure to pick up the first book at your next trip to the library or while at the book shop!