Exodus Escape Room


Caroline Ives 6th Grade, Features Editor

Exodus escape room is located in La Palma, Anaheim. This amazing place is a combination of a virtual escape-the-room video game to a real life mystery. players have one hour to complete the mystery and find the key, code, or whatever needed to escape the room. As the Exodus website says, players have to “Beat the clock to turn the lock, ”The 2 different mysteries are Sherlock’s study and Trap room, but a new one is coming out soon called Masquerade Madness. Exodus tests player’s intelligence and outside-of-the-box thinking, as well as player’s teamwork.

In the Sherlock’s study mystery, players try to think like Sherlock Holmes and deduct a way to get out of his office. Just like Holmes players try to make sense of a chaotic mess of clues and turn them into a solution. 2-14 people work together in this 19th-century london adventure. Players join forces with Holmes to bring down a fierce enemy who threatens all of London. One thing one must keep in mind when tackling this mystery is that things are not always what they seem.

In the imaginary Trap Room mystery, players are trapped in the horrifying dungeon where a fictional man named Billy the Butcher attempts to scare his victims. Teams of 2-8 people, who might be complete strangers, have to use all of their senses and work together to escape before it’s too late, testing their teamwork, brain power, and ability to work under pressure.

Finally, in the Masquerade Madness mystery, which is coming out soon, a team of 10 is placed in a renaissance Masquerade party were a crime has occurred. Players try to discover the identity of every guest while hiding themselves behind a mask. Players must determine who lies, who bluffs, and who committed the crime and escape in time.

Exodus escape room is located at 5140 E La Palma Ave #203, Anaheim, California. To contact Exodus escape room, call (714)392-7909, or email [email protected].