Self-Portrait Poem

Self-Portrait Poem

Grace Owen 6ht Grade, Kid's Korner


When I see the light of a perfect soul blink out of sight

My heart begins to crack

The injustice of it all, how their lives will never be forthright

And I think of all those people whose hearts have turned black

To do something to stop this madness, I have done what most people thought unimaginable

I have destroyed war as violently as it has destroyed people’s lives

I have made people see the impractical

The useless ways in how people have decided to fight their differences with knives

When I write the words flow out of my pencil before I even begin to think about it

The eloquence and deepness of my writing surprises even me

My writing has deep meaning yet humor and wit
I see things others do not see, my imagination really does come to be

My writing has influenced others with ideas of their own

And has earned the respect of many accomplished writers

Whose books have also inspired many others well known

And who themselves have become fighters

When I lead, people follow without objection

For they know my intention and purpose is always the best thing to do

My reasoning has always led others to perplexion

But the adventure always ends true

Everyone who follows me trails behind without doubt

And they know I would never leave them behind

Neither will they back out

As they know I have a good presence of mind

When I smile my heart bubbles with excitement

My friends join in with the laughter of the night

As they break out of their confinement

From the walls they had built themselves and achieve the sight

Of those who can love and laugh and play without a heart’s desire

Unlike those who find themselves with everything, yet nothing at all

So my friends live a life with no fire

They will never feel fear, sadness, anger, and have no need to feel small