Star Wars Fans Excited!


Grace Lee Grade 6, Writer

Although Star Wars is almost 40 years old, the movie series is still going strong as thousands of fans were celebrating the new Star Wars movie. The new movie Star Wars: Episode 7 The Force Awakens had people celebrating and anticipating the debut of the new movie. Thousands of people were very  excited about the new Star Wars movie and had gathered in the Anaheim Convention Center in California.

The celebration had many celebrities including Daisy Ridley, Oscar Isaac, and John Boyega who are the main characters in the new Star Wars. They came on stage to do an interview about the movie. They all had an interview and revealed a few things about the movie. John Boyega said that he was in danger in the movie, playing the part of a Stormtrooper. Daisy Ridley said that she was a “scavenger in a ship graveyard” playing the part of Rey. Oscar Isaac said that he was a fighter pilot in the movie playing Poe Dameron.

There were even characters returning from the old Star Wars trilogy. Many characters from the old Star Wars came including Mark Hamill who was Luke Skywalker and Anthony Daniels who played C-3PO. Some people thought that Harrison Ford who played Han Solo from the old Star Wars was coming to the convention, but he couldn’t make it. Carrie Fisher said, at the convention, that she was very happy that she had such a big impact in her fan’s lives. The old characters in the movie were excited and anticipating the new Star Wars. There are going to be new characters and more women characters which Kathleen Kennedy confirmed. There will be more female characters because Carrie Fisher who played Leia was the only main female character in the original Star Wars and the fans would like to have more female characters in the new movie.

The trailer which showed sneak peaks of the movie was the most exciting part of the convention for most people. It showed the best parts of the movie which made the fans extra excited. There was also a teaser shown in the convention that had some sneak peaks in the movie as well. The celebration went on for the whole weekend to help the fans get more excited about the new movie.  All the fans and cast members from the old Star Wars were excited about the new movie and have high expectations for the movie.