Jessica’s Dream Poem

Jessicas Dream Poem

Jessica Wei, Classroom Highlights 4-6 Editor

Yes, that’s me

But is it truly?

My hair is like the ocean breeze and the plentiful hills of lavender

My eyes are like stars twinkling in wonder

My smile shows like the morning sun

Even when the day is done

My heart is like the bold and brilliant wings of a pegasus

My voice is like the strong and clear stream

This my dream

Is it me?

Maybe you can’t see

My life is very ordinary

I make mistakes, but it’s just as special

My wish is a mere morsel

For I don’t need much

What I really want is to be forever loved

My heart is like glass

It’s hard to break but not impenetrable

My eyes are like the cups of coffee

Bittersweet and helps you stay awake

My dream is quite clear,

Changing the world through kindness

This is my reality

Now it’s me

Yes, it’s really me

I’m a mix of my dream and reality

My wish is the same

But don’t I want to change myself

I want to stay the same

But it doesn’t mean I can’t dream

And I know in my heart I have the strength to achieve it

I may not be perfect but parts of me are pretty awesome!

This is my reality dream