Presidential Candidacy News

Ian Britton

Recently, Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Marco Rubio announced that they would be running for president. There are several others that people suspect that will be running. Those four, however, are the only ones that announced their bid for presidency.

Ted Cruz was the first person to announce his candidacy for becoming the Republican candidate for  presidency. He announced this at Liberty College and most of his campaign is aimed at the younger generation. He talked about his parents’ humble backgrounds especially his father’s, who is from Cuba. He also stated that he had to borrow 100,000 dollars for college. His speech spoke to many groups: Christians, military supporters, members of the tea party, and others. His overall goal is to unite conservatives and that he will not move on what he believes. He is against the Affordable Care Act, Common Core, and doesn’t believe in global warming. His biggest campaign is to bring America back to the principles that it was originally founded on. When he first gave his speech he was cheered on with everything he said, such as shutting down the IRS, the federal agency for collecting taxes and many other topics.

Another candidate is Rand Paul. Senator Rand Paul announced that he would be competing in the general election and that if he wins he will be running against the other parties for presidency. His goal is also to try to bring America to what it once was and that companies have influenced the government to give them money. He is also trying to emphasize the American Dream , but also diversity and that it applies to everyone. He is mostly focusing on the the Democrats and hopes that they will vote for him, a Republican. In his campaign speech he explained the American dream of “no matter if you’re rich or poor, black or white, where a suit or overalls you can still have liberty and justice in America” he also said though that people are being left behind and that under the watch of both parties the poor have gotten poorer and the rich , richer. He believes that if people are taxed less there will be more money to spend creating jobs. Also, probably creating less debt. He has also been reaching out to young people, Christians, and Military supporters.

Third, Marco Rubio. Rubio has actually been seen as a potential candidate for presidency since he was elected to the Senate in 2011. His overall campaign goal is of “A New American Century”. Since he has to compete with Hillary Clinton, who has been in government for a long time and does and has the same ideas. Rubio however promises news ideas for the changing times. He also talked about his parents and background. He talked about the American dream and that people can come to America to start their life anew no matter if you are privileged or impoverished. He has many supporters ,but also some have doubts about his campaign and ideas. One said “ that all his ideas are not different and it will just be the same old thing that every other Republican promises.”

Finally, Hillary Clinton who made her announcement during a video. She plans to meet with people in coffee shops and, for some people, their own homes. She is a former first lady, senator, and secretary of state and is well known in government for being a Democrat. She is mostly focusing on helping middle class and the lower class and most of all find and create jobs. Some Democrats don’t believe she will fulfill her promises and urge her to raise taxes on the wealthy and make tough rules for banks and on Wall Street. However, Republicans do not trust her and many think that she is exactly like Obama.  Republicans have also attacked her for using her personal email account when she was secretary of state. The Republicans also were not a fan of the way that she handled the 2012 Benghazi terror attack. The Republicans also say that she is a huge hypocrite. She is the only Democrat running at the moment and in the primary elections and debates she will be against other Democrats and then after that against the Republican candidate in the general election. However her history is against her and may not be elected.

In the next coming months many people will probably compete in the election for presidency. There will be many debates against other Republicans and Democrats until one person from each party is selected. Then they will face-off during the presidential debates. This will help the voter determine who they believe should be elected and in office.