Sea Lions Washed Up on California’s Shore


Vivian Wang & Conner Pratt, Writer

Connor: Hello! Welcome to Channel 21, the Chungling Channel. Today, Vivian and I will be covering the case of the washed up sea lions that are on California’s shore. The baby sea lions are in HUGE trouble! This is the third year in a row that that the sea lions have been been stranded in the state.


Vivian: Recently, sea pups and sea lions have washed up ashore in California. Rescuers have come to save the sea lions and are researching more about the case.


Connor: -and cute sea puppies. The sea puppies were sick and abandoned. Poor pups!


Vivian: The sea pup’s growth is stunted. There was an alarming amount of deaths from the poor pups. Many sea lions were injured, leaving their poor pups behind.


Connor: There has been 67 stranding of sea lions of all different ages in January.


Vivian: Normally, there would have only been one or strandings in the entire month of January. The entire sea lion population is being hit hard, it’s a really abnormal that this many sea lions have been stranded.


Connor: So sad. But I heard that there was a lucky sea lion that was rescued named Hoppie. He was released back to the wild at Chimney Rock.


Vivian: That sea lion sure is lucky! What about the other sea lions? Did they all die of old age?


Connor: No Vivian! Investigators have come to a conclusion that the cause is simply a mystery. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) says that the cause may be from infections spreading around from the sea lions, or simply because of algae that is growing so rapidly.


Vivian: That’s terrible! I hope someone is working hard to find answers. I do know that the Marine Mammal Care Center is San Pedro is trying to find answers. Another possibility is that the sea lions have reached carrying capacity. The sea lion population has grown dramatically, now there is an abundant amount of 300,000 sea lions.


Connor: The environment may not be able to handle a larger sea lion population. It’s also possible that the sea lion’s prey has moved away.


Vivian: The sea lions are starving, they don’t have any muscle or fat, just bones. The group is trying to fundraise money for these poor pups and sea lions, but they have already spent $100,000 alone to feed the sea lions.


Connor: The sea lions eat expensive food… seafood!


Vivian: Indeed they do. Even after the pups are well fed, they are still skimpy… and have barely any fat as compared to before.


Connor: The Sausalito’s Marine Mammal centers in California normally have 600 stranded animals of all species a year, and of 1,030 strandings, 711 were sea lions. The Channel Islands is where most of the sea lions reproduce. There are hordes of sea pups in the islands. Well folks, that’s all that we have today.


Vivian: We hope to see you again tomorrow at nine in the morning. Have a great day everyone!