California’s Drought

Californias Drought

Bianca Marcoci, Photo Editor

On April 1st, 2015, Jerry Brown stood on a patch of dry grass in the Sierra Nevada, where it was usually covered in many many layers of snow. And on that dry grass he was the first to announce the new (and first ever) water restrictions in California. The reason Governer Brown gave this water restriction was because of the heavy drought California was having. Usually, on April 1st, the grass in the Sierra Nevada Mountains is covered in snow, but this year it wasn’t. It was dried up and dying. Brown also made a plan to stop people from wasting so much water. Two parts of his plan were to stop people from watering decorative grass, and to establish water-efficient standards for newly built homes. When the chief of the California Cooperative Snow Survey Program, Frank Gehrke, heard about this, he then checked the snow level in the Sierra Nevada. “The measurements are way below the records,” Gehrke said. Then a department spokesman spoke up. Doug Carlson, the spokesman, said, “California will now need to depend on more groundwater. The Sierra Nevada usually has more than 60 inches of snow this time of year.” People always hear, “Stop wasting water.” They automatically think that they don’t waste it, but they do. And then when no rain comes, its even worse. With no snow on the Sierra Nevada, it won’t be green for a long time.