Cinderella Movie Review


Mary Catipay, Opinion/Arts and Entertainment Editor

Warning: Spoilers Included


The recent remake of the classic Disney animated feature Cinderella has received high praise from movie critics. When the young daughter of a merchant, Ella, unexpectedly loses her parents to illnesses, she must deal with her cruel stepmother and narcissistic stepsisters. She had one particularly difficult night with her stepsisters, Drisella and Anastasia, and stepmother, Lady Tremaine. Ella, nicknamed Cinderella by her stepfamily, goes for a ride in the forest, inadvertently joining a royal hunt. Once Ella runs into a stag, she urges him to run to save his life, and runs into the Prince. He immediately admires her spirit and beauty, despite not knowing her name. Because of this, the Prince allows the next royal ball to be open to all of the people in hopes of meeting Ella again. Determined to make it to the ball, Ella wears her mother’s old dress, but to make sure that she doesn’t go to the ball, Cinderella’s stepmother and stepsisters destroy her dress. Alone, Ella begins to cry, until a mysterious old woman interrupts her and reveals herself as Ella’s fairy godmother. The Fairy Godmother produces a carriage, horses, footmen, and a driver out of animals and pumpkins in the family farm and repairs and improves Ella’s dress, and gives her a pair of glass slippers, warning her that the spell will break by midnight. Upon her arrival at the ball, Cinderella is immediately asked by the Prince to be his partner for the first dance. Before Cinderella can tell him her name, the clock strikes midnight, forcing her to leave despite dropping one of her glass slippers. Desperate to find her, the prince initiates a kingdom wide search for whoever fits the slipper. When all hope seems to be lost, the royal guard finally comes upon Ella’s family’s house. He discovers that she is locked up in a tower by her stepmother. The slipper fits Ella, and the Prince and Ella live happily ever after.

This movie was very nice with all of the effort put into the set and the characters. The story was well played out and had a wonderful lesson for all of its viewers: “Have courage, and be kind.” When I first watched this movie in March, there were several young girls dressed in ball gowns, but I do believe that any viewers of all ages will enjoy this movie. My favorite scene would have to be when the Fairy Godmother transformed the pumpkin into the carriage, because she was quite a funny character. I would rate this movie an 8.5 out of 10, since it was an enjoyable and funny adventure that may touch the hearts of anyone who makes the right choice to watch this movie.