World Changing Chipotle

World Changing Chipotle

Josiah Chung, Editor-In-Chief

Decisions, whether right or wrong, make a person who they are. These decisions can be for better or worse. Steve Ells has made a decision that has caused a myriad of restaurants to be opened, bringing joy to the many people. Chipotle is a great restaurant, because it has a strong history and a delicious menu.


To begin with, the history of Chipotle goes back to June of 1993. Steve Ells was a young man who desired a restaurant, and Chipotle was his answer. In the beginning, Steve Ells graduated college with no idea what to do with his life. Yet because he had a passion to cook, he decided to create his own Mexican restaurant. His major inspiration for one of the main items on the menu today, came from observing one of his favorite restaurants. On June 13 1993, in Colorado, with a loan from his parents, he started a Chipotle, in an abandoned Dolly Madison’s ice cream shop. Though his family and friends scoffed at the idea of a “Burrito Shop”, he pursued his dream, and opened countless other Chipotles. The philosophy of Chipotle by Steve Ells was that even though Chipotle is “fast” food, it can be healthy. The freshness was shown various times, through videos of Steve Ells featuring the freshness of the restaurants ingredients.


The Chipotle menu may be small, but it has many foods that are packed with flavor and pizzaz. To begin with, the menu has six items (not including the kids menu, which is a combo of the other items) including the soft tacos, the hard tacos, the salad, the burrito bowl, the burrito, and the salad. The soft and hard tacos are very similar, just meat (or Sofritas tofu),with salsa, lettuce and cheese wrapped in a hard or soft tortilla. The salad is composed of chopped romaine lettuce, meat, salsa, cheese, guacamole. The burrito bowls are composed of cilantro-lime rice, pinto/black beans, meat, salsa, and cheese, all placed in a bowl. And of course one of the favorite dishes among the customers, the burrito, is salsa cilantro-lime rice, pinto/black beans, meat, and cheese, wrapped in a giant flour tortilla. A 5th grade boy from Mrs. Livergood’s class, Arjun Patel, states that “ Chipotle has good food, I love the bowls because of the freshness of the food.” The freshness of the food is always a priority to Chipotle has no freezers so that nothing is ever frozen (a reason why there is no fish on the menu) most of the foods are obatained locally in the morning, and are used throughout the day (you can find all the deatails at One example of how committed Chipotle is that they stopped serving carnitas in one-third of their restaurants, because the suppliers violated the animals rights standards of Chipotle. Although it won’t return until they find a new supplier, they will eventually bring back the Carnitas.

Overall Chipotle has an outstanding philosophy and is an amazing restaurant, whether it is about the history, or the freshness of the food. Steve Ells has created a conquering restaurant empire, and wouldn’t have made it there without making the initial decision. The nearest restaurant from Woodsboro is in Anaheim Hills Festival, 8182 E Santa Ana Canyon Rd, Anaheim, CA 92808.