Miss America!


Samantha Chien, News Editor

Many know of the legendary Miss America, but there is a lot more to Miss America than what meets the eye. The Miss America Pageant brings the lucky Miss America duties and responsibilities for her reign, as well as the famed crown and scholarships. The Miss America Pageant is run by the Miss America Organization, a non-profit corporation that founded the Miss America Scholarship Program, which has been awarding scholarships to successful competitors.

First on the list are the rules. The official Miss America website states that contestants have to be in between 17 and 24 years of age. Also, contestants must be in good health and must have time to fulfill the obligations of Miss America. The best part about the Miss America Pageant is that there is no fee to enter.

The Miss America Pageant works in levels, each level eliminating competitors. Miss America starts from little. First, competitors compete for the title of their city. All the city title winners then compete for the title of their state. Finally, the 50 state title winners compete for the title of Miss America.

All of the competitions: City, States, and National follow the same procedure. There is a swimsuit competition, or a fitness and lifestyle competition, a talent competition, and an evening wear competition. The talent competition is worth 35%, the fitness and lifestyle in swimsuit is worth 15%, the eveningwear is worth 20%, and there is also a private interview, worth 25%, and an on-stage question, worth 5%.

The talent competition is a chance for the competitors to show off their talent. Competitors are eliminated or continue based on the quality of the performance. Some popular talents are vocal music and dance. The evening wear competition gives the competitor the chance to showcase elegance, poise, and style in an evening gown of her choice. The fitness and lifestyle competition shows the competitors’ fitness in a swimsuit and heels. The on-stage question shows the competitor’s intelligence, and the private interview, where each contestant meets privately with the judges and answer a number of questions on a broad range of subjects. This is especially important because if the judges are impressed by the performance of the private interview, they might throw the competitor some points in the other sections. Each competitor also has a platform of focus. Some platforms are breast cancer, child abuse, and bullying.

After Miss America is crowned by her predecessor, she spends her year crowned traveling the country and promoting her platform of focus. Miss America travels about 20,000 miles per month, changing her location every 24-48 hours.

Miss America is a symbol of American unity. She travels around the country, helping people with their lives. She has many duties, but no Miss America ever resented her duties. Good job Miss America!