Yewon Shin, Contributor

“Dressember is a collaborative movement leveraging fashion and creativity to restore dignity to all women and younger girls.”(http://www.dressemberfoundation.org/) Dressemberis a fundraising campaign to bring awareness to the public about today’s 27 million modern day slaves who are exploited globally. In December 2014, Mrs. Chung’s 6th Grade G.A.T.E. class collected loose change along with some generous donations. By the end of December, they had raised $107.78 for the Dressember campaign. The money will be used by International Justice Mission to implement rescue missions and defense for these slaves.


Those who participate in Dressember spread awareness about a world issue by committing to the challenge to wear dresses during all of December. All month, the participants spread the word about what they are doing and why, enthralling their friends and family to do the same. In 2014, Dressember supported the work of the IJM, or the International Justice System. 85 cents of every dollar that was raised was put towards their work to rescue and protect the victims of slavery.

Dressember supports the work of the International Justice Mission(IJM); its goal is to free and rescue several victims of slavery all over the nation. It usually takes about $60 to free one slave, and this past month 333 Slaves were rescued in the second largest operation in IJM history. They rescued 333 forced labor slaves from a brick factory in Chennai, India. This was known to be one of the largest rescue operations IJM had assisted. “I would say that this has been one of the most encouraging rescues ever. Not only was it a large and successful operation, but one where IJM’s intervention was minimal. We had engaged with the [government officials previously, and some of the police officials had been part of our training programs, but the rescue itself was completely theirs,” says Alice Suganya, the IJM Director of Casework..

Dressember is a creative way to support the cause of rescuing slaves throughout the nation. Not only does it help raise money for the IJM, it also brings on the challenge to wear dresses for the month of December for women and younger girls.