Honor Band and Honor Orchestra

Honor Band and Honor Orchestra

Grace Lee, Contributor

The honor band and orchestra is a more advanced version of the music class that the sixth and fifth graders go to on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Everyone who tries out for honor band and orchestra has to have played for at least a year. It’s is district wide so it’s a good way to make new friends from different schools. The beautiful sound of all the instruments working together makes the band and orchestra sound different and beautiful.

The honor band and orchestra have a performance in El Dorado high school on March sixteenth after about seven practices. People in the honor band play Swashbucklers March, a different type of march, Lone Star Overture, with an interesting beat, To Reach the Summit, like the adventures of climbing a mountain, and P.S. It’s the Blues, a different or new type of song.

The honor orchestra plays Slavonic Dance, which is a hard but beautiful song, Burst, a different or interesting sounding  song, American Fiddle Medley, a traditional song, and Jasmine Flower, a smooth chinese folk song. The songs that the honor band and orchestra play are more advanced and challenging songs than the ones played at school on the Tuesday and Wednesday advanced and beginning strings orchestra. People who got into honor orchestra are separated into four different sections, violas, cello, first violins, and second violins.

The honor band and orchestra is something people in the district need to audition for and only selected people get in. The people in orchestra have to play a scale, a song they practice, then play, and sight reading a song selected by the teacher to get into honor orchestra. The people who try out for honor orchestra have to play all of these requirements well to get into the orchestra. Some of the people who got into honor orchestra from Woodsboro are Grace Lee who plays violin, Megan Cuan who plays violin, Neema Jafari who plays violin, Alyssa Vogt who plays viola, Jessica Yu who plays violin, and Samantha Chien who plays cello. The honor band and orchestra has students that are excited and happy to be learning new and challenging music.