Connor Pratt, Writer

On Halloween night, kids from Mrs. Chung’s class and their family members met in front of the school, all dressed up in their Halloween costumes. Once enough people arrived, the large group wandered from house to house in linear path following the sidewalk holding up their bags. They knocked on the door and said “Trick or treat!” The house owner opened up their door and dropped candy into each of the kids’ bags. After receiving the candy, the kids thanked the house owner by saying “Thank you.” Then the group moved to the next house and did the repeated in a quiet order.

With a big group, there was a lot of people to talk to. You could also eat some of your candy when you were walking if you were hungry. The group mostly stayed together, and adults made sure nobody was lost. Once, while the group was waiting to cross the street, an anonymous child with a death reaper face covering up his face ran at our group holding up a fake rubber knife.

There are also “haunted houses” that are set up occasionally. A small group of around three kids can enter the haunted house at once. In one of the haunted houses were people that looked like zombies in cages, reaching out for you. Eventually the night ended late, and everyone left.

Since all the people in the group were in Mrs. Chung’s class, it was special. Also the group got to trick-or-treat around their school, and not just a neighborhood, and since they were all in sixth-grade, they would no longer attend Woodsboro Elementary. So that means it would their last (and first) time trick-or-treating around their elementary school with their (hopefully) favorite teacher. The trick-or-treat party was a real shock!