Chef Chunglings

Chef Chunglings

Caroline Ives, Features Editor

“Mrs. Chung is great because she does so many outside-of-school stuff.”Mrs. Chung does a lot of cool stuff for her students and friends to get together and get to know one another. One of these fun parties was the Pampered Chef cooking event.

On Nov. 25, more than 20 students went to the house of Caroline Ives for this fun event. The event was hosted by former computer lab teacher, Ms. Deneau and 6th grade G.A.T.E teacher, Mrs. Chung. Students cooked 10 meals and later ate them at home, including artichoke chicken and southwest chicken with rice. Most of the students were from Mrs. Chung’s class and helped as she set it up.

Students were divided into two groups, one who swam in the pool and one who prepared meals. After some  they switched activities. Many parents stayed for the event, but as for making the dishes, the kids were mostly in charge. Most ingredients were purchased ahead of time by parents, but most tools and the spices were generously purchased by Mrs. Deneau. The recipes were provided by her and were placed in front of the kids and could be worked on in any order. Mrs. Deneau and Mrs. Chung also both helped with the cheese grating. “It was amazingly fun,” said one student when asked how they liked cooking, “I felt free since I was doing it all by myself.”

Pampered chef is a marketing company that offers a line of recipes, cooking utensils, and food products. Many of the fancy kitchen tools used were from Pampered Chef. With all of the interesting spices and tools the meal turned out pretty well. “My favorite was the shrimp pasta,” said a student. Students that attended say that it was cool getting to eat something they made, and have it taste good. It’s really great how Mrs. Chung’s class’s students can hang out outside of school!