Ice Love Skating!


Abigail Lutes, K -3 Classroom Highlights Editor

Yet another one of Mrs. Chung’s 6th grade class’s fun events has taken place! Along with a few of her students, Mrs. Chung also brought along students from other classes and Kraemer Science Olympiad contestants.

This wonderful event took place on Saturday, January 24th immediately after Saturday School for Woodsboro World at the Rinks in Yorba Linda. The students had lots of fun practicing their moves, or even learning for the first time. The Rinks not only has a rink, but they also have a dining area with many food and drink choices. It also has a mini rink where your younger children can practice for their future career as a hockey player. The miniature rink also has a goal, hockey pucks, and hockey sticks. Some kids decided to rent an orange seal toy. On this toy, there is a seat for you to sit and a handle for your friend to push you. There were many ice skaters and hockey players practicing for their recital or big game. Special thanks to Mrs. Chung, the Rinks staff, and all parents supervising and driving children to make this event take place. The students attending had an exciting experience to remember!

The Rinks is located in Yorba Linda on La Palma Avenue. You can contact them at (714) 692-8776. The Rinks host ice skating and hockey lessons and practices. So, if you are interested, the Rinks is the place to go! If you would like to take skating classes, you can take a group class or a figure skating private class. If you think you are ready for it, the Rinks has tournaments you can compete in such as the Holiday Bowl. You can also sign up for a tournament team. If you are interested in hockey, you can take youth, teenager, or adult hockey. You can always have a birthday or celebration party there, they’ll be happy to host! Finally, if this is your kind of thing and you live on ice, the Rinks has camps during the summer such as goalie camps and hockey camps. Have fun!