Apple: What’s Next?


Lauren Kim, Writer

As you may know, Apple is coming out with a new watch that will be similar to their world-wide famous smartphones. It is confirmed that it will be released in April 2015, and it will be the enormous price of $349 for 8GB! Compare that to the newest iPhone (iPhone 6) at $199 for 16GB. It works just like a miniature iPhone with a sapphire screen and everything! There is even features for text messaging, weather check, clock/stopwatch/timer, answering calls, social media, listening to music, camera/video camera, and basically any of the features that would come on an iPhone. There are also workout bonuses such as a pedometer (a device that counts your steps) and cardio sessions. This helps during a workout, as you can count how many steps you take while timing how long it takes you to run around a track. It is very helpful, especially if you want to ask Siri something or send a text message without the risk of dropping your phone. Also, although not much is known about the Apple watch battery life, it is supposed to be designed to “worn all day” and “simple to charge all night”. So that pretty much estimates once a day, but some disturbing rumors say that the watches don’t even last three hours. More about the battery life will be given away more in detail later on. Since the new iWatch (that’s the name they’re giving it) won’t be released until April, there are still many rumors and unknown facts about it.

Another new product from Apple is the iPhone 7. Many people are curious about the futuristic iPhone that will come out in 2015. Even though the iPhone 6 has just come out a few months ago, people that want to be updated are wondering what the iPhone 7 will be like. Of course, like any new product from a famous company, the iPhone 7 has many rumors which may be true, or most likely not. The iPhone 6 itself is very thin compared to previous iPhones, but the iPhone 7 appears to be even thinner. Of course, like the iPhone 5s and up, the iPhone 7 will have a touch ID, or fingerprint sensor, so that people will be unable to see the password and it will be easier to get into the person’s smartphone. According to rumor, iPhone 7 is not assured to be the name of the next iPhone. It could be called iPhone 6s or iPhone 6c, but it is just the next iPhone. Obviously, there is going to be the same features of the iPhone 6, and updated and new features, but people aren’t entirely sure what will be improved.

In conclusion, even if the new Apple products seem like the updated cool thing, little is known and will be anonymous until the actual device is released.