High School and Middle School Students Return to Woodsboro

Jun Shin, Contributor

Another intriguing event has taken place in Mrs.Chung’s class! Before lunchtime on January 23, many high school and middle schoolers from Kraemer and Valencia came back to Woodsboro! They were Mrs. Chung’s former 6th grade students.

There were at least 15 of them, and Mrs.Chung’s classroom was chunked with people Every student went outside to the lunch tables all to discuss things about the 6th grade GATE science fair. The class was happy yet shocked to see the older kids and gave them a big Woodsboro welcome! The class was happy to see the new kids until the class found out they only came to help with our science project. Mrs. Chungs class got in pairs of 2 or 3, and the teenagers choose who they wanted to be with. The class wasn’t very enthusiastic at first, but the teens were a H-U-G-E help. They helped us on our science question, hypothesis, procedure, materials, and everything else necessary for the science fair.

After we were done, the teens stayed for the rest of the day, but only to hang out. When it was time to go, everyone was reluctant for the older kids to leave. Thanks to them Mrs. Chung’s students were ready for the project. Everyone is pretty confident that they’ll all  nail the science fair project this year with an A+ and hopefully go to the Orange County Fair.