Brain Teasers

Brain Teasers

Caroline Ives, Feature's Editor

Question: Many years ago in a land far away, there was a wise and kind emperor named Akbar. He had a council called the Nine Gems each of which who were admired for one trait. Birbal, one of the Gems, was known to be wise as well as cunning. One day an evil man who wanted Birbal’s position, decided to get him arrested by accusing him of crime. In court the man said that he would be convinced that Birbal had not committed the crime (the crime was stealing a gold necklace) if he was not burned when holding a hot iron bar. He said that if Birbal wasn’t lying God would protect him. The jury nodded in agreement, obviously buying the story. Birbal knew he’d be burned either way, so what did he do to insure he wouldn’t be unjustly thrown in jail?


Answer: “Okay,” answered Birbal, “but if it burns me if I’m lying, it should work for you too. If you hold this iron and it does not burn you, I will happily take my turn doing so.” The man looked shocked and stormed away in a huff. He never tried anything like that ever again.


Q:  You and your friend want to get into a special club which is members only. To see if you are a member, a guard will say a number and the member would say a number of their own. Say the correct number, you will be let in. As you hide, you hear the guard say twelve and a member said six and is allowed in. Next the guard says six and the member says three and is let in. Now, your friend thinks they are so smart and figured out. He steps out of hiding and goes up to the guard. The guard says ten and your friend, looking particularly smug, says five. The guard doesn’t let him. Your friends  walks away discouraged to where you are hiding. “It’s impossible,” he says. You don’t answer and instead go up to the guard. He says ten, what do you say?


A: You answer 3. It’s not one half of the number, but the number of letters in the number. For example, the word T-W-E-L-V-E has six letters.


Q: Bourdreaux, a master dartsman was gathering a crowd and bragging about his skills, again. This time he bet $25 that if someone named anywhere on a dartboard he could hit that exact point. One person went up to him and took his bet. He ended up $25 richer. Where on the dartboard did he suggest?

A: The back of the board!